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Acoustic Consulting

Within any venue, the room is of primary importance to the depth, volume, and clarity of bass frequencies. Each particular environment requires an acoustical solution that will ensure that not only bass frequencies, but all frequencies—including natural ambience and interpersonal interaction—sound uniform across the room. We thoroughly assess the layout and features of your space to determine what treatment it needs to sound optimal, and provide the proper solutions to dampen, absorb, and in some cases, insulate the sound. Many times, simple ceiling panels are all that is needed for acoustic treatment.

Product Installation

As a standard customer service, installation of the Oom 12 and Oom 20 includes an assessment phase to identify the specific needs of your space and find solutions for any existing acoustical issues. The features of the physical space are cru cially important to the clarity, depth and volume of the bass and the overall quality of the sound. Our expert diagnostic will ensure that the Oom subs showcase their full capabilities within your space. Ask us about it..

Who We Are

Stampede Sound

Acoustics experts and bass enthusiasts, we offer groundbreaking and rigorously tested products that we believe in. It is our passion to provide record-breaking, booty-shaking, professional level bass to party venues, especially those for whom excessive cost typically stands in the way of exhibiting incredible sound. With a deep understanding of how spatial features affect amplification and sound quality, we aim to work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible listening and party experiences, delivering custom, optimized results every time. As sound pioneers, we are also dedicated to continuous improvement and collaborative conversation with the public on our technology. We seek to push the boundaries of acoustic innovation in our quest to provide the best possible sound and party experiences, and we invite you to join the dialogue.

Meet Our Team

Zhenya Warshavsky, Creative Director of Stampede Sound

Zhenya Warshavsky

CEO and Co-Founder

Zhenya likes to scratch his chin as he walks around the perimeter of a listening space, while intensely dancing. As a DJ, producer, and sound freak, his life goal is to bring exceptional sound and mirth to as many environments as possible.

Nate Diller, Chief Sound Architect and Co-Founder of Stampede Sound

Nate Diller

Chief Sound Architect and Co-Founder

Driven by the pursuit of immaculate sound system design, Nate Diller spends his weekends tweaking his multiple home audio systems while listening to Brooklyn Reggae pirate radio. Graduate of RPI in Computer Data Systems and Acoustics.

Experience Oom.

The only way to truly understand the incredible sound produced by our revolutionary subs is to experience it for yourself. We enthusiastically invite you to visit the Stampede Sound showroom located in the heart of New York's music haven, Bushwick, Brooklyn, for a private listening demo.

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